• Custom BI Deployment

    Class leading companies today are managing their business through radically new information driven applications that go far beyond simple reports and dashboards to deliver a stunning, actionable and guided user experience. AdvancedBI is able to develop and deploy these custom applications leveraging our BI platform, ensuring the robust future extensibility of your investment in the AdvancedBI Partnership.

  • Professional Services

    Making better decisions is at the core of Performance Improvement. Robust BI Tools and Services are important yet not unilaterally able to provide lasting business system value. To attain lasting business value the use of these tools need to be engrained with the organization’s culture, starting with the individual and spanning departments.

    The three fundamental components to attain a lasting Performance Improvement (PI) system are People, Process and Tools. AdvancedBI specializes in supporting clients with strategic planning, culture change management, training and coaching applying Lean Six Sigma methodologies in support of our BI Solutions.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    AdvancedBI partners with Ajubeo – a leader in cloud-based infrastructure services - to empower a flexible, scalable and highly reliable IT platform for our SaaS BI solutions. Our cloud-based IT environment allows us to consolidate and manage a client’s IT business needs into one platform, one vendor and one monthly services invoice, often lowering the Total Cost of business application ownership.

  • Mobile Device Enabled

    With the rapid adoption of smartphone technology, the relationship between businesses, their customers and employees has fundamentally changed how information is consumed and used. Rather than relying on static, paper-based reports, executives, field employees, and sales employees would rather access the information themselves on tablets and smartphones. The perfect storm of powerful mobile devices, fast networks, touch-based interfaces, and application design now delivers critical data in real time to decision makers.

  • Products

    AdvancedBI partners with MSN Healthcare Solutions to deliver AdvyzeBI, an exclusive Business Intelligence Solution specifically designed to meet the needs of healthcare organizations. AdvyzeBI allows physicians, practices, and hospitals to navigate a changing reimbursement climate with user-friendly analytics, comparative trending, and advanced insights, all on a customized, best-of-breed intelligence platform that is agile, scalable, and accessible.
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